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***New for 2010***
In the Oilfield and many other industries, portable, multi-conductor cables are critical to every day operation, but even under the best circumstances the stress of handling them results in unseen damage that can cause down-time that costs thousands of dollars. Testing cables is often a simple matter for technicans, but operational staff don't have the time or knowledge to operate a multimeter. What's more, testing a cable often takes four hands, and then there's a chance of confusion and error.  What is needed is a simple tool that allows field personnel to quickly test a cable without special training - A Cablechecker Continuity Tester and Mapper that can instantly test a cable, recognise it's configuration, and if necessary, provide wire-by-wire connectivity.
Cablechecker Features:
  • 2X20 Character display
  • Test up to 24 pins total
  • One-button operation - most cables are tested with one push of the button.
  • Built in library of custom cable configurations
  • Custom cable recognition tables available
  • Instant recognition of straight-through n-pin cables
  • Available with multiple In and Out connectors for mutliple cable versions eg: male-male, male-female, femal-female, 9 to 25 pin, etc.
  • Powers OFF when finished for long battery life.
  • High impedance inputs to spot leakage due to damaged insulation or water ingress
  • Time savings- faster than any tech with a multimeter. Plug in the two ends, and press "Go".
  • Quickly confirm, or rule-out, cable problems
  • Test an lists ALL connections between any 2 or more pins at EITHER end. Catches faults that techs can easily miss.
  • Spots incorrect wiring- reversed pin-outs, rotated connector bodies
  • Identifies change-over cables by name or number
  • Better use of technical staff resources. Portable cables, like light bulbs, shouldn't require a technician on-site to change.
  • Order with all the receptacles normally used in your business, not just meter leads